FREE Tax Planning/Advisory Services

In the light of the increased and persistent tax queries from clients on planning their taxes before the close of the tax year, AO Tax now offers FREE US Individual Advance Tax Planning/Advisory Services on the below areas –

  • W-4  Analysis  for  ensuring  appropriate  federal,  state  and  tax  withholdings  (ideal  for  consultants  on H1/L1/TN Visa including those on EAD/Green Card),
  • Wage Income Planning through Pre-tax Contributions like 401k/Cafeteria Plans/Other eligible plans,
  • Nonresident Income Planning for Nonimmigrant Individuals on H1/L1/EAD/F/M/J/Q Visa,
  • Setting up of Self-Directed IRA and creation of IRA LLC and Custodian Account for routing investments into India or elsewhere,
  • Health Savings Account/Flexible Spending Account,
  • Exercising of Stock Options (ISO/ESPP/NSO/RSO),
  • Multiple Entity Structuring for strategically splitting income or assets into complex tax havens,
  • Establishing Children Education Trust/Private/Public Foundations for building Schools/Colleges, Temples, Hospitals, etc. in US/India or elsewhere,
  • Drafting Living Trust, Pour over will and many more.

This way one can plan their taxes before close of the tax year i.e. before 12/31 without waiting for your Form W2. The Tax Analysts at AO Tax will analyze the tax scenario of each client and offer customized tax planning solutions adaptable to him/her.




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